Monday, May 31, 2010

Trees, Mailboxes and Poles

With EA sports announcing that Gus Johnson will be the new voice on Madden 11, The Sporting News Today – The Sporting Blog asked a deep question: “Who would you want to do commentary for your life?” They broke it down into major life events.

Some of the choices were dead on ringers – Vin Scully @ Graduation; Gus Johnson @ Prom (Although as a father of 2 girls I’m not liking “rise and fire” as much as I use too.). And taking Bill Raftery to Winn Dixie for some “Onions!” was spot on. I’ve got to disagree on Keith Jackson doing a birth announcement. The last thing I want to hear is that “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumble!!! or a Whoa Nelly! (Don’t know if that’s good or bad in the delivery room.) And sure don’t want to hear, regarding my daughter, that she’s “a debutante from Alllaaaaaabama.”. I gotta pick Larry Munson. “Get the picture the doc all deck out in green scrubs…she’s prone going left to right across your dial…Hunker down just 1 more time…..Do you realize how crazy its’ going be tonight ….I still can’t believe what I just saw!” over Al Michaels “Do you believe in miracles?!!?” For the honeymoon I need a substitute there as well. I need to go with either Dan Patrick referring to my wife as she’s “EN Fuego…can’t stop her---only hope is to contain her” or that Spanish soccer announcer delivering a well timed “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAL.”! And definitely Jim Nantz over Mike Lange at my funeral: he delivers enthusiasm even in his golfer voice.

Paul Tagliabue, former NFL commissioner turned consultant, sees the way where the Big East can survive.

Two things wrong with his theory.
1) Doesn’t ESPN eventually run out of money? I mean the ACC just got a mega new deal; they owe $3B to the SEC; the Big 12, Pac-10 and NOW the Big East wants more. I know that ESPN lost the bid for March Madness, but jeez they couldn’t have had that much in reserves to make everyone happy.

2) Paul is trying copy the ACC playbook. Package both Hoops and Pigskin together. His problem is that Basketball in the Little Least is much more dominating (over football) than the ACC. Football in the ACC does have the traditional national powers FSU, Miami, VA Tech and somehow Boston College seems to pull off a yearly Top 20 season. Add in the mix for the ACC that GT and UNC are on an uptick in football, along side Clemson’s inconsistency, and you have a foundation for a solid league. With Big East football flashes in the pan, WVU hasn’t been relevant since Bobby Bowden or Major Harris roamed Morgantown. Sure Rich-Rod tried but again not a since he bolted for Meeeeeeeechigan. Louisville flash in the pan with Bobby P’s prolific O. Cincy will be a flash now that Brian Kelly is at ND. S. Fla where are they since rising to #2 in the nation – with a new HC! Also working against Paul T. is that NOBODY watches Providence vs Seton Hall on Tuesday night in late January. It might be very compelling game, but it’s not moving the meter the way it once did. Additionally, conference tournaments are becoming less valuable as expansion of the NCAA tournament continues. So from a leverage standpoint, Paul T. has zilch – air ball!

Over signing – who really cares? All must get down to 85 scholarships for football. Coaches over sign because kids haven’t qualified and the Coaches are CYA themselves with this shotgun approach thinking surely if we sign 38, 25 will make it and then they aren’t scrambling around to fill out a roster with quality talent. Who’s bent out of shape? Big 10. But anecdotally, they tend to “Gray shirt” more players. OSU had a starting QB before Terrell Pryor that was a Gray shirt. Isn’t that really achieving the same goal for protecting a roster by “over signing”?
How can you earn $60M and go broke?

Knicks' Eddy Curry [is] he's behind in loan payments… Supreme Court Justice Jane Solomon ordered Curry to pay $75,000 a month plus interest on his $570,000 personal loan from Allstar Capital, according to the New York Daily News. Curry took out the loan in 2008 at 85% interest, a rate that's legal to charge only in Nevada, according to the Daily News.
Take out a loan with a friggen 85% interest rate is how!!!

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