Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cinderella Cheapens Champion

Yes my bracket is busted. No I’m not harping on about handing over a HAMILTON to someone else in a pool. (Winning gets boring.) I love Selection Sunday and filling out a sheet. I take pride in prognosticating that Xavier and Butler were going to make it to the Sweet 16. (And on 1 of my many sheets in the Tournament Challenge, I had Ohio St meeting Kentucky and Kentucky winning)

Don’t get me wrong, even though I had, like most, Kansas as my pick TWIA, I found myself rooting for Ali Farkhmanesh (Man, he is got some Onions as Bill Raftery would exclaim. Maybe he has a pair of Onions) and going both bonkers and admiring Omar Samhan (‘Nova had NO answer for the high pick ‘n roll initiated by him. BTW ‘Nova was my other team in the finals.) That was great theater and tv. It was great to bring along the causal fan or the guy who’s just only interested in winning a pool.

But by definition, a Cinderella team caused an upset, a better team lost. That’s the rub. The best teams won’t be playing to bring out the highest level from an opponent, creating the best performance. Cinderella cheapens the Champion’s worthiness.

The fan in me wants a Final Four of Xavier, Northern Iowa, Cornell and St. Mary’s. The competitor in me wants Ohio State, Syracuse, Kentucky and Duke to meet in Indianapolis. Don’t know what will happen tonight and going forward through the weekend, but I do know that college football is better.

Why is CFB better than Hoops Hysteria?
  • 5) 92,500 is better than 20,000 (max – Have you seen those fans disguised as empty seats in the 1st Round)
  • 4) Marching band over Pep Band. The Peon band counts time, passes the sound and seasons along for the Spring Game.
  • 2) For all the intensity, I never heard about a loud arena causing seismograph needles to move. I have for stadiums
  • 1) You just can’t beat a good tailgate.

On the Seventh Day, G-d created a day meant for rest, leisure AND COLLEGE FOOTBALL! He showed IT favor calling it GAWD’S SPORT!.....
In Basketball, Noaln Richardson’s called his style of play 40 minutes of hell for the opponent.

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