Thursday, April 8, 2010


Crickets are chirping at night; Birds are singing during the day; Coconut oils proliferates the senses; Pollen coats my car window. Ahhh Spring has sprung I say! Pardon me, as I snort up thru my nostrils.

Spring is a time for re-birth, a new beginning. For Christians last week was the most important week of the year. Passion plays, Palm (passion) Sunday, the excitement of Easter morning are examples of this energy. As a college football fan, in particular a UGA fan, the most important week in MY CALENDAR starts this weekend!

A quick recap the UGA 09/10 sports year (stats thru Mundy Thursday)

  • Football: .500 in conference; 3rd in the East; had the most “L’s” in the CMR era (5)
  • MBB: 5-11 in conference; 5th in the East; 11th overall (out of 12); no post season
  • WBB: struggling to be .500 in conference (9-7); blown out by 40 points in Sweet 16.
  • Hardball: 1 conference “W”; Team ERA over the age of my youngest daughter who’s in the 4th grade!!! - Ugggg. 6 games under .500
  • Gym DAWGS: Finished 3rd in SEC championships; clearly knocked off the balance beam pedal stool as THE Program.
  • M&W Golf: Both teams ranked, but each behind 3 other SEC teams, and Men are behind Tech!
  • M&W Swimming and Diving: M-4th; W-3rd
  • M&W Tennis: Both 2nd in conference & division – due to overall record
  • M&W Indoor Track: both 5th
  • W Competitive Kickball (aka Soccer): 3rd
  • Softball: #8 in polls; however 3rd in SEC East
  • Volleyball: 8-12 in conference; 5th in Conference
  • Equestrian: Awwburn knocked DAWGS of their high horse in Southern Championship.
I see mediocrity scattered throughout the entire athletic department. I see no national prominence in anything, no SEC Hardware. I see no WILL to win. Recently, I caught an interview with Geno Auriemma, and the reporter question the UConn WBB coach if he was worried when they trailed at the half in the title game. He said “This team desires, ABOVE ALL else, to WIN the game we’re playing on ANY given night; tonight was NO EXCEPTION.” Could be coach speak 101? Could it be a belief system that translated onto the court? I do know that I haven’t seen that belief manifested onto a field or court or arena this year for UGA sports. …. I haven’t seen PASSION.

Hopefully that changes STARTING SATURDAY! A return to the Golden Era starts by players who play like they give a damn between the hedges. As legendary coach Erk Russell would say, I want to see “A Bad Case of THE WANTS!” So long as no UGA QB doesn’t have a UT Nick Stephens stats line from his last scrimmage (2 for 9; 6 yds), I don’t care about numbers.

Like it not Football drives both the cash and credence, confidence of the entire athletic department….and my calendar.

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