Wednesday, June 2, 2010


(Reaction to a story that a soccer league is implementing a new forfeiture rule for scoring too often.)

Once again competitive kickball, which is oxy moronic to start with, shows why it is so popular in the evil empire. The curmudgeon rules now in place for college football are going to led us all down this same slippery slope. I'm telling you. Up four scores, by rule the QB and center have to switch places. Gawd forbid go up five scores and you friggen loose?!?! I for one say this evil tyranny must be stopped at the border.

I am an old school guy. I say that if it was good enough in WWII; then by Gawd it is good enough now. Did America get flagged for fifteen yards (and retreat) when the 6 Marines face planted The Stars and Stripes on top of the highest hill on the island of Iwo Jima? No! Did the Japanese feel dis’? Probably! Did it matter? Heck No! The Marines still shouted HOORAH afterwards! It was celebrated! It became iconic on the cover of Life. For all the old farts who are against a little shakin', history teaches some chest pounding, fist thrusting, and yes even dancing is a good thang! Plus it is a heck of a lot better than the alternative under the misdirected attempt, guise at sportsmanship.

Only by standing together we will stop the advancement of THE incredibly annoying hum emanating from the thousands of plastic horns that you'll hear during the next 45 days of the World Cup (And you thought that cowbells in Stark Vegas were headache producing - jeez). And standing together we can kick these curmudgeon rules slipping into Gawd's “Beautiful” Sport to the curb!....Or by 2013 when your team goes up three scores your QB will have to throw passes with his nondominant hand under the premise of being fair.

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