Thursday, June 10, 2010

End Game

People, People please stop with the “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!” rhetoric. Was the SEC “broke” when they expanded to 12 teams to get to a SEC CG? – No. It was about OPPORTUNITY that existed then. NOW it’s about opportunity to go next level for the conference. Standing pat – playing wait and see ain’t getting it done. I fear that Commissioner Slive is ALLOWING an opportunity to float right bye.

You expand for 2 reasons: FB - to remain king and TV, trickle down dollars. Given that criteria, anything short of the SEC not getting TAMU, U TX, UM and FSU is a FAILURE! Adding those 4 as a group would make the SEC have the best TV markets in a geographic region in combination with THE BEST FB on the planet!!! I regret to believe 1 for 4, maybe 2 will happen – this ain’t baseball; it’s a ZERO sum game. Allowing Pac-10 to siphon off Big 12 South, Slive allowed the SEC power to be diminished. Slive ALLOWED Jim Delany (knucklehead) to out maneuver the SEC. Slive got a $2M bonus and sat around being phat and happy.

Now is the time to go all in w the best deal, salvage some face. Does the SEC have the Nuts (poker term people) as the entire do nothing proponents led us believe? UF will block Miami, because Slive hasn’t shown any stones in this process. Is Missouri or Maryland in play for SEC to capture eyeballs? Sloppy Seconds! FB- plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz? Any combination of GT, Clempson, VA T, UNC, VA add $17M (per team) in value? Does any of that group add to the SEC FB resume? Maybe VA Tech

Thanks to all Curmudgeons out there – the SEC is in 3rd place on the revenue track in danger of getting lapped – all while holding is best brand baton. As far as the FB crown goes is Slive going to be forced to remove it and place it on the head of Larry Scott – a girly tennis guy? You realize this locks the Rose Bowl up 4ever, blocking any further movement of Plus one, BCS consolidation, and playoff talk – shut down. The Rose Bowl just got 100 times more powerful! They are going to say we’ve got 2 of 3 best conference champions playing in OUR GAME, EVERY YEAR- no need to change and as a matter of fact we’re going back to the old system to make sure that we get that match up. The other champion is irrelevant in our world. With no other champion to play, THE SEC champion is ODD MAN out in that scenario!! FOR THE NEXT CENTURY!!!!!!!!! Thanks Slive – Thanks Curmudgeons! Thanks – We don’t Need TO people. Thanks Pres. Adams for all your leadership effort! SEC, UGA fate just got gloomier!

Wake up people! HELLO Big 12!

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