Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Character Counts???

Tony Barnhart makes a point that character counts – millions for some. Tim Tebow lacking 1st round talent chosen, yet Carlos Dunlap having Top 10 talent gets left out of proceedings last Thursday.

Yes, you can find points where that axiom holds true, but if the theory was completely valid wouldn’t have Colt McCoy gone ahead of Jimmy Clausen and the bad teammate rumors? Why is Arrelious Benn, diva poster child, (WR – the fightin’ Zooker’s) selected almost 50 picks ahead of Andre Roberts or Armanti Edwards, who went back to back in the draft - representing the So-Con and the first two skilled players to go from D1-AA? Why does Colin Peek (TE – Alabama) go completely undrafted, behind 20 others’ selected at the same position? Why does Scott Sicko, also a TE, end up not one of the 255 tapped and is going to pursue a Master’s in pol-sci @ UNH? (Yes, he showed character for sticking to his goals and beliefs.) And the biggest hole in the theory, why did Myron Rolle, a Rhodes Scholar in Oxford England, slip to the 3rd Day; 6th Round (207); behind 15 others safeties (16th out of 19)? Could maybe somebody thought that the guys lacking character had MORE TALENT than the “works hard, excellent character” guys?

Why I’m writing a blog, avocationally? Maybe there is just not a lot of demand for a C/3B with a weak arm, lacks power, defense needs work, timed with a sun dial, whiffs on a good deuce and has difficulty catching up to hard inside pitch. Applying Barnhart’s idiom, the Hustle Award, I got at the Tates Locke (hired the General & later Asst. GM Blazers) Basketball Camp combined with the Who’s Who in High School and support of mission trips should have gotten me picked up near round 59 in the MLB draft.

Update: Sicko changes heart.

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