Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In or Out of Bounds?

I have a slightly different take on the Dez Bryant inappropriate questioning during the team interview with the Dolphins by Jeff Ireland. To recap briefly, Jeff Ireland ask Dez whose mom has had legal issues, was she a prostitute?

For everyday standard operating procedure at normal places of employment this FAR EXCEEDS the bounds of good taste, managerial decorum and skirts on the fringe of being legal. But the NFL is a boorish and brutal business. You know every Corner in the league is going to be taking shots at him about relationship with Deon, suspended by the NCAA AND Yes some fellas are going to pop off about his mom.

If the intent is to determine if Dez is going to blow up, cost the team yards and maybe a game because of some smash talk; if the intent was to see what it takes to get this WR on tilt off focus, then yes it was a legitimate question albeit lacking professional standards. In that case Team reprimand and punishment will suffice. But if the intent is from a Napoleon wanttabe aka short man complex, to put another big shot down; if the intent was worse -Jim Crow-esque, then Roger Goodell must act because this goes beyond “protecting the NFL shield” to being bad for business and the GM needing help.
Update: Jeff Ireland released a statement apologizing. Also I heard Ryan Stewart (2LiveStews) say that in the mid '90's @ the combined he was asked if he ever did the dirty deed with an animal. WOW!

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