Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Can I get a whoooo Nelly from the congregation?

Before Jim Delany does another cartwheel on the 50 yd line of The OB…….

Before one more media outlet slurps up more Big Ten juice….

Before The Ohio State faithful shout “We’re back” one more time….

Let’s look at the conference standings with 2 games reaming; one being for all the marbles. With the other game, you’d have to have loose marbles to care about, unless your confidence pick standings depended on it.

Conference Record

Independents (1) 1-0

Sun Belt (2) 1-0

MWC (5) 4-1

Big East (6) 4-2

Big 12 (8) 4-3

Big Ten (7) 4-3

SEC (10) 5-4

WAC (4) 2-2

ACC (7) 3-4

C-USA (6) 2-4

Pac-10 (7) 2-5

MAC (5) 0-4

Notice that the SEC is right behind them, but with 1 game remaining. The Big 10 is done. If ‘Bama rolls on to another NC, the SEC record will be 6-4 --- a winning percentage of .600. Could someone check my math? But I believe that a .600 would be better than a .571 winning percentage, that of the Big 10. An advantage built into their 4-3 record is that their conference champion The Ohio State isn’t playing for the NC getting waxed in the NC game, thus all teams get “slotted down” 1 bowl tier this year.

And here’s the thing about it, either way win or lose, 5 or 6 victories is more than 4. Also the sentiment rest that the SEC had a down year in the bowls this season. No one will be sending out press statement on what a great bowl season the conference enjoyed! And the SEC could still wind up being better.

Sure we could blame Spurrier for failing to show up or LSU could blame the slop bowl turf taking away its’ biggest advantage, but it is what it is. The SEC fell below standards, overall. Give the Big Ten its’ due – 2 nice BCS bowl wins this year (against teams who aren’t accustom to the challenge). But please don’t drink the kool-aid being served from Big Ten HQ in Chicago.

Now let’s pray for Middle East peace and Midwest understanding. (Both probably not happening in my lifetime)

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