Thursday, January 21, 2010

GA SO MBB lands on Probation

A former assistant coach, Nolan Myrick, and a former basketball operation coordinator, John Miller, took test, wrote term papers and did on-line assignments to keep a couple of players legible. Former HC, Jeff Price, who resigned due to the incident, was not implicated. Athletic Director, Sam Baker, still, skates.

Penalty Summary:
2 year probation, but are legible for post-season play (fat chance w/ Davidson & COC)
Lost 1 scholly for 3 years
“Vacate” wins
Myrick has a 5 year “show-cause” penalty individually

Here is the full copy of the findings:

The Athletic Director, Sam Baker, may have avoided consequence, but check out the ire of one unidentified NCAA Infractions committee member (Page 8 bottom and Continuing on Page 9), and they throw him under the proverbial bus and reads to me:
1) AD, you can’t raise any funds.
2) AD you’re an idiot! – “Red Flag”
3) AD you’re a big idiot for not providing academic over site.
4) “Then, finally,” AD you are a slacker. Why weren’t you doing what was right from the beginning?
5) “So I guess my question” is ‘Why are YOU still there?’

Then the former University Prez speaks b/c the Sam Baker can’t formulate a response.

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