Monday, January 4, 2010

Freshman QB

A RB in the pro game with over 2,000 yards in a single season won't win the league MVP, only the 6th player, all time, to reach such a feat, and he won't even in the top 5 in voting. To win the Heisman, not withstanding this year, you need to be the best QB on a Top 5 team. Both the pro and college games have turned into a quarterback league/ game. At UGA, especially, it is a QB driven team, because of the style of offense (I Formation/ Pro Style).

So as the calendar flips over, the DAWGS record will only be as good as the development of the freshmen QB's develop, either RF Aaron Murray or Zach Mettenberger or true incoming Fr Hutson Mason. (I know that I am leaving UGA most experienced QB, Logan Gray, out of the mix, because even with all the ambivalence it appears he's moving to WR and still the designated punt fair catch guy).

Is it 8-4, workman like, heady, gutty performance or is there a 11-1 special season because of the talents under center?

But before you cry out wait 'til next year, here are a couple of factoids to remember:

Not since '85 has there been a Fr as QB to win a NC ( Jamelle Hollaway- true Fr & the OU Sooners, Aikman left the Miami game w broke leg...OBTW Jim Donnan OC for OU).

Not since '83 has a Fr, gone from game 1 thru season to win a NC (Bernie Kosar & the Hurricanes...B.K. was a Red Shirt Fr....OBTW Richt graduate in May of 83, before FB season - I think I have the time line down)

By the time the '10 season rolls in, a Fr leading a team to a NC, won't have been accomplished for the last quarter of a CENTURY, at least!!!!.....

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