Monday, January 11, 2010

It's not over!!!

Col. Jessep: "It's not over, until I say it's over!"...
"Sit down, Colonel!"

For the flock of fare weather fans, yes the seasons done, but for you and for me, sit down; it's not over! In fact some would argue what is happening now is more important than what happens in Aug - Dec. Of course I'm talking about getting the "right people" in the mix and recruiting. The time when the pantry is stocked and the sou-chefs come aboard to make runs at some hardware.

"I'll go off the board for 200, Alex"
Lane, you got next?!?!
Now that Riley has turned down USC; ditto Jeff Fisher. But the Internet rumors are beginning to perk up about Jack Del Rio and John Tenuta (D/C). You'd better alert Mike Garrett quickly. Lane and his Phil Fulmer size hefty buy-outs shouldn't be a problem for the media moguls in Tinsel Town, as well as assistant buy-outs; plus you KNOW that Coach ED will be rooting for that to happen. He'll be putting that bug in his ear. Or should it be a surprise that his name is barely surfacing, just after Herman Edwards and Mike Leach? Speaking of USC AD Mike Garrett, has anyone took over command of a ship sailing so smoothly, and crashed it so hard into a pier before? Two of his programs are facing NCAA probation and he gets to make THIS hire?!?!

For 400, Alex
What's the real reason that Pete Carroll is leaving?
A) NCAA probation looming?
B) Malibu Mistress (according to Charlie Weis - that crazy chick thing?)
C) David Watson story?
D) 7 Million reasons?

Answer: Don't be so quick to strike off  "B" before you know!

I'll finish off potpourri

Gilbert Arenas was once again getting crucified by the "Sports Reporters" Sunday. They were blaming everyone and everything. From this situation humiliating David Stern, to "society", to a general gun control debate, to ridiculing changing gambling policy on team flights, to attitudes of prima dona's. Some point were  on target; most was palaver. (Thanks - Commish). It left me to think why isn't James Crittenden (ex 10th St Trade Schooler) getting thrown under the bus as well? Isn't he the one who escalated the incident 10 fold taking his own gun out, and by various accounts chambered a round? Arenas actions may have been immature, but Crittenden's actions were stupid, potentially deadly.

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