Monday, January 18, 2010

You'd da man

So Tenn got its’ next HC. Derek Dooley is the complete antithesis of Lame Quitin. That is not that unusual. Many teams go out get what they didn’t have with their last guy.

Quitin: Outspoken
Dooley: Thoughtful before speaking

Quitin: Jumper
Dooley: Loyal

Quitin: Brash
Dooley: Reserved

Quitin: A great recruiter
Dooley: ?? Can he at least hold the class together?

Quitin: Played on New Year’s Eve.
Dooley: Always reserved that time for family

Of the coaches that have their Jurist Doctorate, I can think of AT LEAST one other lawyer who is unemployed, loves football and has proven that his offense system will work in SEC.

If you are Mike Hamilton, you tried for the homerun swing, only you started the trot too early and were thrown out at second. But instead of swinging for the fences again, you lay down a bunt. No Mike you’re a power hitter! You’ve got to swing hard again, so should have hired a Pirate.

I hope not for the Dooley family, but deep down I think that this set the Vols back 5 to 8 years.

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