Monday, January 18, 2010

Let me get this straight.

Let me get this straight.
Meets w Dr. – not good news.
Gonna resign - his family & health come 1st.
Sees players – they are his family too. Changes mind somewhat…Let’s call it an indefinite leave ….
Say that Asst. Coaches will handle coaching Sugar Bowl – nothing is on the line.
Changes mind. Swears to stop Jan 3rd
Starts calling and going out recruiting again. Swears to stop, but the sweet scent of the budding #1 recruiting class is way too strong.
“Sharrif was really confused and put a call into Coach Meyer. When they spoke Coach Meyer told him that he had a ‘dream’ the night before, and that Coach Meyer saw himself on the sideline coaching Sharrif. Told him that is was a "message from God that I should come back and coach, as I guess if it’s my time to die, I'd rather die on the sidelines coaching you than anywhere else in the world.

"Sharrif talked to us the next day and said Ohio State is great and all, but Coach Meyer said he would DIE for me. That's pretty intense. From that day on Sharrif mainly kept to himself. But that was the turning point in my eyes."
Makes a “deal” with himself to take time off after the 1st Wed in Feb.
Changes mind. This time he really means it, but right after Spring Game, breaking down Special Teams, punt coverage film to Aug.

What’s change other than you now have the knowledge of what the physician’s concern were/ are if you kept that pace up? Reminds me of a smoker and a new year’s resolution.

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