Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Recruiting Update

ESPN's Chris Low weighs on the high school rating debate by reviewing the SEC First Team Defense and the national ranking of each member. Chris Low uses Scout.

Nine of the eleven (82%) were NOT ranked nationally. Astonishingly 3 of the 9 were NOT even in the Scouts Inc database (27%). Those were Antonio Coleman, DE Auburn, and (2) DT Terrance Cody, Alabama and Dan Williams, Tenn.

Other "misses" were: Rolando McClain, Rennie Curran, Eric Norwood, Joe Haden, Javier Arenas and Mark Barron

The two that were ranked nationally were: Eric Berry (#4) and Carlos Dunlap (#15)

We are such tools for hanging on to every Recruitnik update. Gotta Go! I need to get another fix before bed---that will hold me over 'til morning.

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